1. Once deleted from iMovie, it has been recovered and lives on. Here’s an edit from the footage 3 buddies and I got when living/working in Lake Tahoe last winter. 

  2. Berlin was awesome. The Euro trip continues to amaze us everyday

  3. The best of times

  4. Salzburg & the Alps were amazing. Some pics & vids!

  5. Videos and photos from Vienna & Budapest!


  6. Budapest!

    When we pulled up to our hostel in Budapest I was very concerned. The outside was covered in graffiti and the windows were barred. We got out of the taxi, walked through the massive wooden doors and into a beautiful courtyard. There was a tiki hut looking bar on one side with a forest of trees covering a large section of tables and barstools adjacent to the bar. The hostel itself was a square two story building built around the courtyard. As we walked through the courtyard/bar/hangout area we heard a guy yell “American dudes, check in upstairs!” I think we were all in a slight state of hangover/shock/excited as we walked upstairs and the people in the courtyard were smiling at us and raising their beers. 

    We proceeded to the “office” upstairs where there was techno playing and people hanging out having some beers. The guy who was checking us in was nearly blacked out so he handed the job off to another employee there, Luke from Ireland who was more coherent. If you’ve seen the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Dicaprio, I felt like I had stumbled across a secret community/oasis of young people in a crazy cool hostel all there to have a good time and party.  After we got all checked in we went to the courtyard and hung out and met people from all different parts of the world. Probably our favorite hostel of the trip, but definitely a “specialized” hostel. Their motto is “You can sleep when you’re dead.” Before ever learning about this place this was our motto for the trip, once we read that we booked the place right away. 

    All the people there, especially the employees were very welcoming, helpful and friendly. It’s called Grandio Party Hostel. It’s highly recommended if you’re looking to party and highly not recommended if you’re looking to sleep. Overall unforgettable experience. 

    Other highlights of Budapest:
    The Mineral Baths
    Very inexpensive, even cheaper than Prague 
    The food
    Seeing The Avengers in theatre (especially when they mentioned Budapest in the movie, that blew our minds)


  7. Updates

    It’s been too long since ive updated! Because of our traveling schedule and being super busy in Vienna, Budapest and Salzburg as well as a lack of wifi in certain areas the updates have been a little scarce. However I have been working on a couple pic/video edits which will be posted very soon. 

    The updates will probably keep coming in spurts like this mainly because we’re trying to soak it all in and do everything we possibly can. Wifi is also a little hard to come by which slows things down. I’m still doing edits for each city we’ve been to so I can have memories of the places and of course to share them. Thanks for waiting and more importantly thanks for reading and watching. Cheers friends 


  8. A Day in Vienna


    Since we left Florence we’ve stayed with our good friend Ben in Vienna for 3 nights, then took a 3 hour train ride to Budapest, Hungary and stayed there for 4 nights now were back in Vienna for another 3 nights. 

    I’ll talk about Vienna first. It’s so difficult to pick a favorite place of all the beautiful cities we’ve visited but Vienna is at the top of the list if not #1. This is mainly because we were lucky enough to have a couple of good friends that are from Vienna. During the first 3 days in Vienna our friend Ben showed us the city. Logan and Brace met our 2 Austrian friends Ben and Max in Mexico, they later stayed with logan and Sean at their place in AZ. 

    The first day we got there we walked around downtown near the parliament and government buildings. Ben showed us the public library, presidential buildings and courtyard where Hitler stood on a big balcony and gave his infamous speeches. Austria like all of Europe has some incredible history. 

    We were planning to get a hostel but Max being the legend he is offered for us to crash a his apartment in downtown near the university while he stayed at his girlfriends. 

    In the early evening we went to a place called the Museums Quarter. It’s a big plaza surrounded by museums and old buildings where students from all over Vienna gather to pre-funk, drink, dance and hang out. There were thousands of young people hanging out with djs playing and everyone was drinking publicly. One of the cooler things I’ve seen in Europe. Later that night we went to a club called PraterSauna. The club used to be a public/pool sauna but got turned into a night club. Ben knew the owners and the dj playing so we got to meet them both which was very cool. 

    Overall it was a great time none of us will ever forget. I’ve been slacking on these updates but I’m back to working on the photo video edits! In the next few days we should have some more updates. Thanks for reading guys :) 

  9. Our 6 days in Florence were awesome in every way. Huge thanks to Brigitte, her roommates and friends for housing all of us hooligans and being amazing hosts!

  10. Edit from our time in Amsterdam & Prague!